White kids, no more “gangster” rap or “club” rap. Here is your prescription..

..”Hip Hop” music.. Music with beat and a message, performed by true artists.. If you still prefer Lil’ Wayne, thats fine, you just suck at life, know that.

Here are a few songs from some of my favorite, actual hip hop artists..

Cunninlynguists – Dying Nation Doin Alright Southernundergroud

Swollen MembersFuel Injected Chewin Concrete Ambush Adrenaline

Sweatshop Union Try Us Thing About It

GangStarr –  Militia Full Clip All for the Cash Work

Mos DefNew World Water Umi Says

AceyaloneThe Guidelines

A Tribe Called QuestCan I Kick It

Brand NubianAll For One

Moka Only Jampacked ft Prevail

This is what a gang looks like. Be cautious

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